Designing Icons

The evolution of my icon creation

Icons are an effective way for expressing ideas and information. They serve as a visual language that help people to communicate without verbal language boundaries. I always enjoy the simplicity of icons.

icons proj 1
Icon 101

Icons I created in college were pretty unrefined as my illustration skill was fresh. They were in hand-drawn style. I created a set of icons for my infographic titled "Waiting time in a week".

infographic icons proj
Storytelling using pictograms

My theis project at MICA was a book of 26 pictograms, each one comprised of four individual icons. Every entry represents a cultural experience that I have had in my time in the US.

AAA icons proj
Misc. icons

Working as a designer at advertising agencies allows me to sharpen my skills for the real world. I created icons for digital campaigns and startups. Some are icons used in web applications and some are served as illustrations next to instructional text. The icons help to reinforce the meaning of the text.

edore icons proj edore icons proj
Exploring trends and styles

I created a set of Christmas icons quickly before the holiday. I was trying to use more colors and details to create more depth to them. The challenge was to avoid overdoing it and also to keep them in a consistent style. It was fun.

christmas icons proj