Building a motivating community for learning and teaching

Edore is an ed-tech start-up that aspire to motivate people to learn by relating knowledge with real world situations. It is a place that allows teachers create, distribute and share their own exercise materials to students and other educators around the world.

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Getting started

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the founding team to design the site from the beginning. As the first and only designer on the team, I was responsible in every aspects of the site from UI/UX to logo to illustrations to copywriting. I was asked to design the site based on the prototype they were building with Bootstrap.

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The visual language

Since the structure of the site is pretty complex with a lot of functions, it's important to create a simple yet sophisticated interface is easy to use. The homepage is image-driven that provides inspiration. Users can discover relevant content easily when they scroll down.

I also created some illustrations relating to learning. It is aimed to give the site a more inviting and fun face while explaining to users what we do.

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Content Development

Besides the site design, I also created this long landing page about how it works. It' a wonderful opportunity to learn how to narrow the content and think of what the audience need to know about a new digital product.

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Beta Launch

The beta site quietly launched in fall 2013. Although we strive to get everything right at the first time, we think it is better to get feedback and real user data before it's perfect. We were actively building more content for the site and we also got feedbacks from our early adopters. Unfortunately the project came to a halt after a change of direction at the start-up.

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