“ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ”- Steve Jobs

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Helpa.hk is a platform for parents to find better child care options by empowering the local community(other parents). An exciting project building from scratch, designing the online and offline experiences at all steps of the user's journey. The platform will be launching soon!

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LANDMARK is a luxury shopping destination with a rich heritage dating back to 1904 in Hong Kong. The mobile app is to explore new ways to build customer/shopping mall relationship and redefine in-mall shopping experience.

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Millennium Hotels and Resorts

The redesign of the digital platform focuses on the custom-built booking engine, content fluid modular design and lifestyle imagery to create a unique, personalized booking experience for each traveler.

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Imagine a tech start-up that motivates people to learn by relating knowledge with real world situations. This is Edore. It is a place that allows teachers create, distribute and share their own exercise materials to students and other educators around the world.

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Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts is the largest scale project I have worked on. Known for its high-end hotels and resorts, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts seek to transform the digital experience on its global platform. They aim to bring customers a unique experience with their new campaign “A Sense of Place” and by revamping their websites.

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DFS Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing is one of DFS's main focus in their global rebrand campaign. With visually stunning ad campaigns across their stores, digital and social, the brand continues to grow as a luxury travel retailer.

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Misc. UI work

A collection of UI design done for startups. You can also visit my Dribbble page to keep track on my work progress.

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Print projects on Cargo

Some print projects I have done in the past few years including book design and paper art.

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