Millennium Hotels and Resorts

Building a design system with dynamic content modules

Millennium Hotels and Resorts(MHR) is an international hotel group with luxurious destinations all around the world.
It attracts both business and leisure customers, with a particular focus on significant gateway cities and Asian emerging markets. The redesign of the digital platform focuses on the custom-built booking engine, content fluid modular design and lifestyle imagery to create a unique, personalized booking experience for each traveler.

millemmium welcome screen
Modular design

With 100+ hotels around the world, it was important to build a flexible framework with dynamic content modules that could be customized for each destination. Each hotel site will has its own unique content (hence, a different look and feel), yet a consistent structural and visual system.

modular design

The modular design approach would allow each hotel to accommodate regional offers, specific tours, and personalized messaging. Each page is highly customizable and responsive across all devices.

nav menus
Various design elements
design elements
Responsive Design with dynamic content
mobile interfaces
Content development process

Content development process The production process is crucial for a content-heavy project like this one. One of the biggest challenges is to figure out the most effective process for copy creation, image production and content population. Proper filing structure was necessary for different team members to create ready-to-populate materials. Smartsheets or Excel spreadsheets were used to keep track of the progress of each hotel page and section.

I will discuss the production process further in a separate article (Coming soon).

production process