Misc. UI work

Pushing pixels for startups

During my freelance years, I have worked with startups and agencies to create wireframes and interfaces. Besides dreaming about big ideas, it's important as a designer to turn wireframes into beautiful visuals. Unfortunately most of them are under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that I am not allowed to present more details than a few screenshots.

ui thumbnail
Mobile site UI for Librato

Librato is SaaS company that provides solution to monitor metrics.

iPad app UI for Bindo

A few pages of UI design done for Bindo - A retail platform that provides POS integration to merchants.

Android app for SwapCheck

SwapcCheck is a mobile app for Cathay Pacific Airline crew to check their roster and outport tips.

Mockup for a question-and-answer app concept

Preliminary mockup to explore dark theme and light theme.